Our Stories – Sonila Francová

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August 18, 2020 1:00 pm +00:00

Our Stories – Sonila Francová

I am originally from Albania, a very small but beautiful country in the south of Europe. I came to Prague, Czech Republic 22 years ago for my studies and decided to stay in the “City of 100 Spires.” Besides being truly one of the most beautiful cities I know, Prague offers so much more: safety, beautiful parks, wonderful architecture and a wide variety of entertainment and culture – I just love it here! At first, it was a bit difficult for me to feel “included” in Prague as it takes some time for Czechs to accept you; they need to get to know you first. Once you are accepted though, you are fully part of the “pack” for the long run😊.

In MSD I felt fully part of the “pack” since day one!

I am a very transparent person and radiate my energy in the environment around me. One thing that I really love are colorful clothes and shoes. So, I tend to have a bit more colors on me than usual. It makes me happier and many times it brings a smile in other people’s faces as well, which is great. Just recently I entered a doctor’s office in a hospital full of sick people, wearing a bright yellow dress. She looked at me with very tired eyes, immediately smiled and said, ”Nice dress color! Just looking at you actually makes me feel better.”

That brings me back to where I have been working for the last 2.5 years – MSD. You see, I know that diversity is not just a fancy word talked about here but it is proven in actions every day! So, even though I am a bit more colorful and a tiny bit different 😉 (as we all are one way or another), I have always felt included and in the right place to be.

– Sonila Francová