Where creativity meets research

Scientific curiosity drives us to invent solutions to some of the world’s most challenging diseases. Many begin in our laboratories, where we focus on discovering and developing therapies to improve patients’ lives.

Our Scientists

We bring creative minds together to invent important medicines and vaccines. We stop at nothing to help save and improve lives.


Each year, our researchers publish hundreds of scientific and technical papers in leading peer–reviewed journals.

New treatment and prevention options are dependent upon a rigorous clinical trial process.







Thank You

We are thankful for the thousands of volunteers who participate in our clinical trials. They are our partners in research.

Determined to transform breakthrough science into novel therapeutic options.


Every journey needs a vision. To discover new treatments and vaccines, we must first understand the inner workings of a disease.

Our researchers employ cutting-edge science to look at health problems from every angle — from the underlying genetics of a disease, to the structure of individual proteins and the way hundreds of molecules interact with each other in disease.

From there, teams of scientists might design, develop and screen thousands of compounds or generate hundreds of antibodies to several promising lead candidates.


When a therapeutic or vaccine candidate has completed the clinical trial process and data has been collected and analyzed, it may be submitted to relevant regulatory agencies for review. Approval from Agencies, such as the US Food and Drug Administration, is required before a therapeutic or vaccine can be marketed for use in people.

A very small fraction of the candidates that begin evaluation will ultimately make it through the rigorous process of research, development, clinical testing and regulatory review to finally be approved as a medicine or vaccine.

Our R&D role continues well after a new medicine or vaccine is approved, where we conduct ongoing monitoring and evaluate the safety, effectiveness and value of our products.


Medical advances can only be realized through the clinical trial process.

A clinical trial is a research study in human volunteers that tests new ways to prevent, detect, diagnose or treat diseases. They help determine whether investigational vaccines, medicines, or new uses for existing medicines are safe and effective.

We are thankful for the thousands of volunteers who participate in our clinical trials. They are our partners in research.


Each lead candidate is refined, optimized and tested extensively to provide sufficient evidence of safety and effectiveness before it can advance into clinical testing in humans.

Before clinical trials can begin, teams must scale-up production to ensure an adequate supply of the investigation candidate for clinical trials. This means scaling up production from small batches made in the labs to larger scale quantities formulated for clinical use in people.