Digital MMD

Combining business and technology resources into a single, simple, best-in-class digital organization

MSD’s 125-year history and the ever-changing healthcare environment tell us that we must continue to adapt and transform to meet our patient’s evolving needs. Digital MMD helps us accomplish this by bringing the digital and technology aspects of the MSD Manufacturing Division into a single, unified organization. Our close collaboration with MSD manufacturing sites across the globe provides the business process and automation excellence to support the end-to-end product pipeline. The fusion of these functions across our Manufacturing, Quality, and Supply Chain Value Teams strengthens our digital strategy and accelerate MSD’s mission to help protect one billion more lives by being the best at supplying innovative and affordable medicines and vaccines..

We deliver and support seamless digital capabilities that:

  • Support end-to-end operational stability and compliance
  • Maximize MSD’s ability to invest, build and modernize in areas that are important to our patients
  • Optimize service delivery through new, agile ways of working that simplify and digitize processes
  • Leverage advanced analytics to build an efficient and connected supply chain, shop floor, and lab environment
  • Invest in the ongoing development of a diverse, empowered, and engaged digital workforce