AIFP Disclosure of payments to HCPs

Transparency is critical. Honest, full and accurate information and timely disclosure of that information allows stakeholders to make informed decisions about our company and our products.

At Merck Sharp & Dohme s.r.o. (MSD), we honor our commitment to disclose payments to healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations in accordance with laws and regulations to promote transparency as well as to prevent any real or perceived conflicts of interest.

As a member of Asociace inovativního farmaceutického průmyslu (AIFP), we disclose direct and indirect Transfers of Value we make to or for the benefit of healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations on an annual basis. The detailed disclosure is available at

The Methodology Statement defines the relevant types of transfers to be disclosed, which transfers are excluded, and other relevant information to assist the reader understand how MSD collected, organized and reported the disclosed data.