User Experience

Intuitive, Usable, Joyful

User experience and design thinking are a part of the MSD innovation ecosystem. Our growing team is one of the largest UX groups at MSD as well as within the Czech Republic. We have more than 30 people in our cross-functional team with expertise in User Research, Design Thinking, UX and Visual Design, Copywriting, and Marketing. We actively participate in the Czech design community and we regularly host external events such as UX Mondays and Design System Meetups.

Agile, Lean UX, and Design Thinking are the principles that guide our tailored approach that takes context into account and helps us to choose the right tools and methods for each situation. Developing the skills of our team members is important and we learn both from each other as well as experts in the field. Everyone’s development is crafted based on their individual preferences.

What we do?

  • Product Discovery
  • User Research
  • Workshop facilitation
  • User Journey improvement
  • Designing experiences
  • Prototyping
  • Designing UIs
  • Visual designs
  • Product Marketing
  • Organizing design events
  • Variety of UX trainings

Our methods include:

Double Diamond framework and Human-Centered design approach

In-depth interviews, surveys, focus groups, analytics, and usability testing

Journey mapping, prioritization matrices, pain point analysis

Design Studio and Value Proposition Canvas

Prototyping, Proof of Concept (PoC), and Minimum Viable Products (MVP)