MSD in the Czech Republic

MSD, a leading global biopharmaceutical company, has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1992. We provide medicines and vaccines to health professionals, patients and the public against a number of serious, mostly life-threatening diseases. MSD is investing heavily in drug research and development. The shifting of existing knowledge limits allows us to bring innovative health solutions and improve the prevention and treatment of diseases that are a significant threat to human and animal lives.

Five Building
Na Valentince 3336/4 
150 00 Prague 5 
Czech Republic

+420 277 050 000 

Riverview Building
Svornosti 3321/2
150 00 Prague 5
Czech Republic

+420 277 026 000

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Volunteering Program

MSD’s priority is patients. We focus on discovering new treatment options that bring rescue or improvement to the quality of life of patients. Business activity is not the only area of our activities in the Czech Republic. We are a socially responsible company globally and locally.

For example, corporate support for volunteering is an important part of our efforts to prove that we do not only work for ourselves. MSD creates significant value and offers the same opportunity to its employees. Each of them has 40 paid hours a year, which they can use to personally support socially beneficial activities.