Our Stories – Magdalena Graef

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October 7, 2020 1:00 pm +00:00

Our Stories – Magdalena Graef

What I love about the times we live in is that, no matter what we studied, we can change our career anytime. There are so many opportunities – especially at MSD – one just needs to seize them! I studied interpreting and translating and had my own business for a few years. Over time I slowly transitioned to where I’ve been the last 4 years: Cybersecurity & Compliance! There were many things I learned during my time as a junior entrepreneur. One of them was to approach my work as an employee as if it were my own business and always go the extra mile.

On happiness and well-being: there are two aspects of life which I consider important here. The first is a healthy lifestyle inside and out and the second one is safe behavior in cyberspace. My philosophy is that by taking care of your mind, body, and health in general, as well as behaving responsibly in the online world, you can prevent many future unpleasant surprises and lead a much more stress free life. I am so grateful to MSD for having the opportunity to fulfill this side of my life focus by leading the LIVE IT program. It offers our employees various options for taking care of themselves through sports and other healthy activities while bonding with our incredibly cosmopolitan, diverse community that includes over 70 nationalities in the Prague office!

I aim to reflect this dual focus in my family as well by trying to educate my son in this direction too. I talk to him about the importance of healthy living and safe behavior in cyberspace and give him specific examples of the consequences of what can happen otherwise. It’s all about being mindful of things whether you’re a grown up or a kid. Sometimes it’s challenging, yet I believe it’s worth it.

– Magdalena Graef