Laptops for Charity

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December 23, 2020 6:51 am +00:00

Laptops for Charity

We have cooperated with various NGO’s regarding a donation of returned and un-used laptops in previous years. It has always been one of the most satisfying CSR projects. This year we joined forces with the Prague Parish Charity NGO. The laptops were distributed to those in need before or at the onset of the second wave of the pandemic, so that they can be utilised during the ongoing closure of the schools. Here are couple of stories of the recipients:

A pregnant high school student, who is trying hard to complete the first half-year at school before giving birth. She will be on an individual study plan afterwards, so she will have to continue studying from home even if the schools are re-opened. So far, she had to share a computer with her brother. They live just with their mother only and their sole income are the disability benefits.

A family of refugees from Syria with 6 kids, that has been a client of Parish Charity for 4 years already. The father is seriously ill, which limits his ability to work. The mother is very responsible, learning Czech language, independently conducting official business with the authorities. The children mostly are doing well at school. The family is functional, basically being a textbook example of social integration.

A family with four sons, aged 7–15. The father works as a teacher, the mother an assistant teacher. They need computers for distance learning, but the family income is insufficient to buy one for each kid.

A Czech-Sudanese family, a mother and 4 children, three being at primary school, one girl already adult but still studying. They have escaped from a threat of political repressions in Sudan several years ago. The mother has suffered serious mental health problems in the past. The father has joined the family recently, after he was released from a Sudanese jail as a political prisoner, but left the family again shortly afterwards.

It is amazing to link the donations with stories and to know, that it actually makes a difference!