Kindergarten Kids Visit MSD

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January 25, 2019 10:32 am +00:00

Kindergarten Kids Visit MSD

All of us probably remember what the most exciting moments from kindergarten were when we were little. A friend‘s birthday party? A trip to the zoo? Or a field trip to some cool place we had no idea existed? All of the above probably come to mind because some of these memories stay with us our whole life.

To help create these kind of memories, we opened our doors on January 17th to a field trip of 15 kids and 4 teachers from the Petrklic kindergarten in Prague – Radotin. During the all day event kids from a “Garden Class” saw what it’s like to be an employee of our Prague IT center. Did they enjoy it? You bet they did!

After a snack on the roof , we went to explore the human heart using HTC Vive and used a virtual sword to try to pop as many balloons as we could. In the afternoon we showed our creativity by writing our first computer programs. Can a four-year-old kid write code without even touching a computer? Of course!

The whole event was fun and we look forward to hosting kids again.

– Karina Vasinova